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You can plug one of the following into most devices/programs.

Better Quality
MP3 (.M3U)
(160kb/s)MP3 works on most any device/program
Full Link:
Medium Connections, Medium Quality
OGG (.M3U)
(96kb/s)No iDevices, slightly less supported elsewhere.
Full Link:
Weak Connections, Medium-low Quality
AAC (.M3U)
(64kb/s)Medium-low Quality, works on most devices and radio apps, but not all browsers
Full Link:
For Super Shitty Connections
(40kb/s) Medium-low quality, not widely supported.
Full Link:

Notes on format: Many radio programs are picky and prefer the m3u versions of each thing. MP3 will work on almost any device/program/browser, Apple and microsoft hate ogg, AAC will work on most devices made within the past 5 years, but not always open source stuff, OPUS is fantastic, but comparatively new, known to work in vlc on android, as well as firefox and chrome.

If you're using one of my alternate domains to access this, the m3u links will not bypass filters/blocks. This a temporary limitation that I'll work around soon. Use the .mp3 link in the mean time.

Assembled and maintained by Malsententia, powered by VLCtube and of course BerryTube. If you're having any issues, or if the radio dies, please let me(Mal) know! Try to take note of the time. It should be pretty stable, but I'm still working out the occasional bug.

Also powered by LiquidSoap and Icecast.
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